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HT-Y560 CNC Spring Compression Machine

1.     Use 5-axis linked computer control system and imported servo motor, perfectly matching with planetary reducer of Taiwan Pinhong and making the overall matching degree reach the golden ratio.

2.     Continue the internationally recognized super-highly reliable lever drive of the outer diameter and variable diameter forming mechanisms, ensuring high accuracy and strong power, minimizing load of motor and reducer, and enhancing the force.

3.     It is able to modify parameters such as outer diameter and angle of products at any time according to the working condition shown on the display, providing more intuitive operation experience for you.

4.     Can be used for production of torsional springs, straight springs, pagoda-shaped springs, tension springs, rectangle springs, wire  forming, steel sheet volute springs, spiral springs and various springs and high-difficulty special-shaped springs.

Product Details


Number of axis:5 axes

Wire size: Ø2.0—Ø6.0mm

Max outer diameter: Ø90mm

Wire feeding length: Unlimited

Wire feeding speed: 110m/min (max)

Rotation direction: Horizontal

Forming mode: Double-point mode

Number of feeding rollers: 3sets

Power of cam axis motor:2.7KW

Power of pitch axis motor:1.5KW

Power of wire feeding motor:15KW

Power of upper cutter motor:5.5KW

Power of lower cutter motor:5.5KW

Weight of machine:2600kg

Input power:380V/50HZ/3P

Dimension of machine:2100*1500*2100mm

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