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CNC Double Head Wire Bending Machine HT-3D-ST1480

1.     Use the strong 14-axis industrial computer control system and imported servo motor, achieving the perfect combination between intelligence and power.

2.     With the tripartite alignment mechanism, independently developed and designed by Hui Ting based on the wire  characteristics in China, meeting the domestic market needs and solving the difficulty in wire  alignment.

3.     Make the forming heads move flexibly under traction of lead screw and guidance of guide rail, ensuring the angle bending distance of products and reducing noise.

4.     Can be used for production of auto seat frames, rear frames, auto interior frames, landscape tool accessories, metal wire handiworks, kitchen utensils and table ware brackets, storage cages, supermarket trolleys and shelves and other large wire forming products.

Product Details


Number of axis:14 axes (Tensile strength≦1700N)

Wire size: Ø4.0—Ø8.0mm

Number of feeding rollers: 3sets

Power of wire feeding motor:2.0KW *2 

Power of left and right rotation motors:3.5KW *2 

Power of left and right forward-backward motors:3.8KW*2 

Power of left and right sleeve rotation motors:2.0KW *2 

Power of left and right lifting shaft motors:1.0KW*2 

Power of cutter motor:1.0KW

Power of wire clamping motor:1.5KW

Power of horizontal movement motor:1.5KW

Power of rotating alignment motor:5.5KW

Weight of machine:4800kg

Input power:380V/50HZ/3P

Dimension of machine: 4630*1200*1650mm

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