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Wire Feeding Machine, a good assistant of Hui Ting machines

Time:2020-07-09 From:Changzhou Huiting Machinery Co., Ltd. Hits:

  When the operator of the wire forming machine is looking at the machine, the material needs to be replaced after it has been packed. Often a roll of material is very heavy and thick, generally more than 5 mm or even 13 mm material, fuselage and wire frame generally also have a distance of more than 1.5 meters, it is difficult for a person to change the wire. Therefore, Huiting Machinery Company customized the steel wire feeding machine to solve this problem.

  The steel wire feeding machineis used to clamp the end of the last roll of material and the end of the next roll of material to the wire forming machine. Let the machine achieve the goal of easy forming. In this way, not only the switching time of the dispatcher can be reduced, but also the waste of materials can be reduced. It is a very practical tool.

      The wire can pass through, cut through after passing through, or more convenient.

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