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Analysis of the respective advantages of three structures in wire forming machine

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  Wire forming machine, the advantages of each of the three structures are analyzed. At present, the automatic equipment used in the production line is divided into three structures: turning machine, rotary plate machine and multi-axis camless machine. Next, I will give you a simple interpretation of the structural characteristics of these three models, hoping to help you in choosing the appropriate equipment for reference:

  1. Turning machine:

  Turning machine, as its name implies, is a device with working head rotating, steel wire not turning, forming three-dimensional angle. This equipment is represented by Norman of France and OMECG of Italy in Europe and America. It is a mature and reliable Whitting 580 in China. The characteristics of the turning machine are suitable for large wire warp and rod products. The stability is very good, if equipped with high-speed motor, the production speed will be very fast. Turning machine structure is very intuitive, debugging is very convenient, the future is the mainstream of wire forming equipment.

  2. Flat Plate Machine:

  Flat panel machine means that there is one or two flat plates at the front of the processing area, which supports the platform in the process of forming products and plays a lifting role. This structure is suitable for the production of frame products, because the platform supports its stability. Of course, the production of small pieces and short pieces is also very suitable. If the wire is too thick, more than 7.0 mm, it is better to use the turning head.

  3. Multi-axis camless machine:

  Multi-axis camless machine, originally a computer spring machine, because it is a fully servo CNC equipment, the panel has 8-10 servo motors, relatively high degree of automation. It is very suitable for the production of some small products and special-shaped and difficult products. Making springs is his basic function. Making profiles also has obvious advantages of automation.

  Therefore, as a professional manufacturer of wire rod forming equipment, we have all kinds of turning heads, turning wires and camless products, which can be described as a complete range of products. Turning machine is our main model, also in line with the international concept. Next, the product series of single-head turning machine will be gradually improved. Dual-head machine and combination machine will be introduced one after another, forming a whole product system.

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