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Wire Bending Machinery

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What is Wire Bending?
Wire Forming is the process of taking a blank of wire whether from a spooled coil or blank length and forming or bending it into a specific configuration. This can be achieved either by a manual method of brute force applied to bending the wire around controlled shapes, or as this article focus’s on, utilizing machinery to feed and manipulate the wire to the desired shape. Wire forming can also include flattening and forming of the wires roundness as well in order to allow for proper fit for use of the product being designed. Wire formed parts can take nearly any shape or form, including one of the most common forms: springs. These wire forms can be bent left or right, up or down, angled, coiled and cut. They can be linked together to form a chain, or have other additional forms added to them.  Wire can be from very small diameters such as used in springs and jewelry to over 15MM (0.6”) in size such as components that might be used in construction and chains. 
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