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Ideal CNC Wire Bending Machine

Time:2022-03-01 From:Changzhou Hui Ting Machinery Co.,LTD Hits:
Are you looking for ideal wire bending machines? you should learn about wire bender what it is at first. Wire bending machine is a rapid prototype machine that bends metal wire to produce 2D or 3D shapes, and can create a variety of perfectly bent shapes in a short amount of time for long length parts or shorter parts, such as zig zags, squares, hooks, circles, and etc shapes.

All of automatic wire bending machines comes from Hui Ting Machinery with the features are reducing in working capacity, low maintenance and high reliability, quiet, high precision and more advatange. Below items are our best wire bender machinery, including 3.0-8.0mm, 4.0-12.0mm, 6-14mm, you can easily to click the ideal one for your seletion, or contact us for help if you have any questions
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