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Six Steps to Make Quality of Hui Ting Wire Bending Machine

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Hui Ting Wire Bending Machine, in the development and production of Hui Ting products, quality and after-sales aspects, focuses on the following points:

  1. Selection of Material

  The panel, feeder box and arm base are made of thickened casting, the servo motor is made of Sanyo, Japan, the arm slide is made of Taiwanese silver, the reducer is made of Newcastle, Germany, and the whole body is made up of top and bottom brands.

  2. Fine Processing

  Changzhou has strong local processing and matching capabilities. Huiting Machinery uses Demaghi and Shengjinji Machinery Manufacturers as matching equipment to produce high-precision mechanical parts, such as bearings and gears imported from Taiwan and Japan, to ensure the quality of mechanical parts.

  3. Careful research and development

  Mr. Wei Zhanting, who has been working for 20 years, is leading the research and development, and drawing on advanced technology from Europe and the United States, striving to launch a new model every year.

  4. Precision Assembly

  Purchasing, production, processing and assembly. The responsibility of quality inspection lies with the person. Every assembly is marked after it is completed, so that it can be checked with evidence.

  5. Precision Testing

  Whitting for the whole machine inspection, to achieve the accuracy, strength, stability of the test sample data, all parameters meet the standards, for unqualified products, disassembly and re-assembly, replacement parts, to achieve zero tolerance of unqualified products, to ensure product quality.

  6. Careful Customer Service

  In view of the problem of user feedback after sales, all departments consult and solve it collectively. Five years of persistence, mechanical failures have been decreasing year by year, and customer satisfaction has been greatly improved.

  Practice creates the future! Hui Ting Wire Bending Machine on the road of brand building, as well as the road of continuous innovation and change. With a dedicated heart and professional skills, we will certainly establish a professional and credible brand image in the industry.

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