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History of Hui Ting Wire Bending Machinery

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  1. 23 years of experience in wire forming industry

  By continuous research, Hui Ting has tackled many technical difficulties in the wire forming machine field, and won a number of national patents and awards.

  2. Providing customized solutions to meet non-standard needs

  Hui Ting has the professional technical R&D team, which provides the optimal, safe, efficient and stable solutions for customers in a customized manner, while providing the most suitable puct processing scheme for you to reduce the cost and achieve the win-win results.

  3. As the leading brand, leading the industrial development!

  By independent system R&D and continuous innovations, Hui Ting launches at least 1 new model of machines every year. More than 200 famous users around the world have witnessed the quality of Hui Ting. With after-sales services distributed all over China, Hui Ting can provide the convenient and fast services. In addition, as the global solution expert in high-difficulty special-shaped springs and wire forming, Hui Ting can provide the convenient commissioning fast and stable production.

  4. Fast supply speed, ensuring short supply period without any worries!

  Selecting Hui Ting means that you will, in both sample making and production process, enjoy the services provided by technical professionals and the perfect after-sales service system.

  5. Cheaper price and more attentive service!

  Perfect after-sales service system: Hui Ting provides the on-site repair within 24 hours within Jiangsu Province and within 48 hours for other provinces and areas, as well as free technical trainings and supports, without risk of sample making.

  6. One-stop full services!

  As an enterprise integrating design, R&D, production and sales, Hui Ting can directly face to customers without agent.

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