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CNC Wire Bending Machine HT-3D-ZT580

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Changzhou Hui Ting Machinery Co., Ltd. is No.1 manufacturer and supplier of CNC Wire Bending Machines and other metal wire processing machines in China. We have successfully supplied Wire Bending Machine to various industries at a competitive price.

We ensure that our machines are user-friendly. Therefore, it will provide hassle-free operations, highly flexible, and accurate with no time. Hence,an Automatic CNC wire bending machine is commonly used in steel product manufacturing, industrial processing, automotive, power sectors. Each job has different mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, rigidness. Then, the tool's specifications and usages vary as per the product output.

Changzhou Hui Ting Machinery  Co., Ltd offers 5 models of CNC Wire Bender Machine. These two models serve various industrial needs. In our machine, the wire takes directly from the coil, straightens it, bends it, and cuts it. The in-built CNC programming unit assures all the processes to produce the output.

The Wire Bender Machine rotating head rotates the thread to support 360-degree rotation. Therefore, the inner mold will have multiple R angles to ensure a fast and steady production.

Input materials used: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, brass, bronze, carbon steel, cold-rolled steel, copper, nickel, titanium. Hence, the input wire ranges from 2.0mm to 14.0mm in diameter.

What makes us the best option:  
1. Best CNC engineering team      
2. Strong R&D team capable of meeting evolving market needs
3. Flexible and easy operating system  
4. Robust mechanical and electrical core parts(Sanyo, Panasonic, Yaskawa, Siemens)
5. Perfect after-sales service system
With the vast global network, Changzhou Hui Ting Machinery  Co., Ltd supplies CNC Machines worldwide with quality assurance and service guarantees. If you are looking for a wire bender, don't hesitate to contact us through www.huiting-machinery.com. We will assist you with all the problems regarding wire bending to meet your industrial needs.
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