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CNC wire bending equipment

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Our state of the art CNC wire bending equipment are for manufacturing and assembly of a wide spectrum of wire products. High, low and medium volume productions of bent wire parts are offered to customers with diverse requirements.

Our CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines are capable of forming wires to precise dimensions. Wire Products Company provides wire bending in different configurations and a variety of applications. Other processes that may follow wire bending include welding, surface treatment and assembly. Wire Products Company employs MIG, TIG and resistance welding techniques.

Some of our CNC wires bending features include:

  • No additional tooling
  • Virtually limitless configurations
  • Wire lengths in excess of 24″
  • Efficient operation
  • Minimum set up time
  • Prototyping

Since CNC machines are entirely computer controlled speed and accuracy of operation is guaranteed. 2D and 3D designs of complex parts are easily machined and manufactured. Our CNC machines can handle 0.5 mm to 14 mm wire (.020″ to .472″) thicknesses.

Wire forms are custom CNC bent and assembled into a range of products that find their application in a variety of industries like display, furniture, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, pharmaceutical, lawn & garden, commercial sales and defense.

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