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Are You in Control?

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Are You in Control?
The Bending Industry is being Revolutionized by Sophisticated Technology. Huting Machinery has been helping Bending Machine Owners get ahead with latest CNC technologies.

Don't just keep your production competitive - get ahead!

CNC to Bluetooth or Standard Control
Obsolete or inadequate controls limit the potential of your machine and hinders you from delivering your best work.
Since our work of upgrading the old Bending Industry began, we have completed numerous machine customizations where clients were amazed at how smooth and precise their bending machine actually could be.

We have put much thought into this system, and we are pleased to tell you that we do both the upgrade and training in just 3 days – keeping your production stop at a minimum!
The Power of 
No two bending applications are the same. Many factors, including material size and thickness, mechanical properties, spring back, diameter, etc. can influence the bending requirements necessary to roll an acceptable part. With the  CNC system, we can help take the guess work out of your rolling operation.
Design any shape possible or create precise production planning by estimating the cycle time and calculate valuable data in your preferred time-scale.

Unsure of how much control you’ll need? We’ll optimize the number of CNC-controlled axes for your bending requirements! From 5axes to 20axes!

he  CNC is available in several versions depending on your specific requirements. Choose from CPUs with differing processing speeds, touch screen monitors from 6.5” to 19”, enhanced software features and the number of
CNC-controlled axes.
All  CNC systems feature components from HUST, whose quality and worldwide presence ensures a stable hardware platform for many years to come. All systems come with online support to assist you with programming questions and troubleshooting any issues with the machine.
In addition, the  CNC can be adapted to integrate your auxiliary equipment, such as robots, material handling equipment, etc.

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