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Hui Ting Machinery CNC wire bending machines application fields

Time:2022-10-31 From:Changzhou Hui Ting Machinery Co.,LTD Hits:
Electric Vihcles
Evolving with the Automotive industry, Hui Ting Machinery offers machines and workcells to manufacture electric motors’ components like Stator and Bus-Bars 

Car Seat Frame, Cushion Frame
Car seats are a great display of our know-how in wire and spring forming. Structural parts, such as seat frames and bases are made out of tube. Comfort parts, such as lumbar supports or foam inserts are made of spring wire, and safety items such as isofixes and head rests are made of either wire or tube. All of them share the same  tight tolerances, high volumes and continuous productivity requirements.

Muffler Hanger
From manifolds to tail-end-pipes, all main OEM and Tier Suppliers rely on Hui Ting Machinery solutions to solve the puzzle that modern emission control line demand answers for with a particular competitive advantage, especially in muffler hanger production. Wire Bending machine integrated with end forming technology, makes muffler hangers fast and easy!

Machine and Vehicle Wire parts
Industrial vehicles such as tractors, combine harvesters, bulldozers, excavators and trucks require many robust wire and tube parts such as: exhaust pipes, door strikers, headlight guards, tedder teeth

From structural wire elements to multi-material strips, or interior trim and components  to wiper arms and beam bumper, the possibilities are endless. With ever more complex parts, Hui Ting CNC wire bending machines are designed to maintain a profitable, flexible and succeful production line. 

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