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Hui Ting Culture

Hui Ting vision: to build a world-class national brand

Hui Ting mission: to provide customers with value products

Hui Ting spirit: passion, persistence and preciseness

Hui Ting style: keep promises, no excuses, absolute obedience, never give up

Hui Ting Values

Customer: customer recognition oriented

Team: work in unity, will be ever successful

Rule: system first, leadership second

Responsibility: responsible for yourself, responsible for the enterprise, responsible for the society

Standard: always keep the passion of work, aim for best

Hui Ting Core Concept

Entrepreneurial philosophy: suffering is a successful compulsory course

Business philosophy: Integrity-based, customer-first, eternal innovation

Service concept: customer - centered, service with love

Brand philosophy: brand creates value and value creates future

Philosophy of doing things: I am the root of everything

Behavior philosophy: your behavior is able to lead people, able to convince people, your property is enough to gather people and your generous makes people around you

Employing philosophy: excellent employees are assets, mediocre employees are liabilities

Organization philosophy: create a platform to achieve your own

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