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Changzhou Hui Ting Machinery Co., Ltd.

During the past 20 years, Changzhou Hui Ting Machinery Co., Ltd. has been dedicated in developing and manufacturing CNC metal wire forming and bending machines.  With a professional R&D team, innovative thinking and leading technology, the company has rapidly risen in the field of CNC metal wire forming equipment.

Up till now, Hui Ting machinery becomes an expert who is able to supply a whole range of solutions for the bending and forming of metal wires and tubes.  Combined with CNC benders and special wire processing machines, our machines are designed to meet various specific needs and respond to a constantly evolving market.

Bending and forming wires(2 to 18 mm diameter), equipped with our customized easy-to-use operating system, Hui Ting wire forming machines is ready to offer step-by-step guidance from design to fulfillment of every machines. 

Over the years we have developed long lasting relationships with our clients by creating superior quality wire forming machines and accommodating short lead times when the market demands. Our advancing technology and innovation, like with our prevailing series of  bending machines, give us dramatic high-precision and ability to hone your metal wire forming production.

Our quality professionals participate in extensive education programs targeted at technological enrichment. Reliable, cost effective, with a proven track record, Hui Ting Machinery guarantees expectation to match desired WIRE FORMING MACHINES.  Putting it all together, our customer is our number one priority and a main ingredient to our success.

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